despite being very tired and spending 13 hours working today… i seemed to have finished something i started writing earlier this year. not sure what to think about it. just sorta poped in my head while winding down from the day.



hands full sorrow hidden in the pockets of tomorrow

i walk down the road watching my childhood unfold

days spent in the sun so full of laughter and fun

friends all around to pick me up when i fall down



seasons turn as i take another step off the curb

in the blink of an eye the smiles and laughter die

alone and shivering i look around for a memory

i cross to the other side to find the street has died


looking both ways I walk to the center of the road

no car in sight. The sun is setting and growing cold

I start to run for my life to find any friend in sight

Start growing tired as I reach the corner of my life


Did I leave my childhood behind. Or is this all a lie

became what I feared. Traded the laughter for tears

how do I get back to the road that leads the way home

can life get better.Can I find myself and stay young forever


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