A peer in poetry club wrote a poem about me 2 meetings ago…(he didn't specifically say it was me, but by the content, I had a huge feeling it was…)


and then, just as he was leaving poetry club last thursday, he handed his poem to me, in which he added at the bottom "this is you".



There is  a person I know

A person I see

Though we haven't talked in a while

She used to laugh

She used to joke

Hell! She even used to smile

What happened to this person

a true heart that use[d] to burn

to learn about [their] story

is of my highest of yearns

I try to brighten

try to lift

try to lighten

the [burden] that never shifts

So now I have to sink back into the light

not wanting to leave your [shade]

so I can hide

[woe] now my soul oh has to bide



It was a bit hard to read. (BY THE WAY, is it really that hard to know the difference between they're and their, your and you're?)

Though it's sweet, it is a bit depressing. And honestly, we barely talked last year, so I honestly don't think he has the right to say "yes, I was a friend with this person. Yes, she seems really down, now." Though I don't want to hurt his feelings, this whole thing seems absolutely ridiculous.




Well, anyways. I have the People to People interview today. The orthodontist glued some things on the back of my teeth, so now my tongue is raw and bloody, and I can't speak clearly. (Huge lisp and articulation problems.)


Bye, now.


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