So…Can't sleep but that's nothing unusual, In a few hours i'll have to start getting ready for Typhoon Lagoon today, My anxiety is really high I took four Valiums. Even though I know i'm not supposed to (the dosage is 10mg…so total I took 40mg)

Anyway, Last night (Thursday) I saw that griffon was online…He obviously saw this to and sent me an IM message, When I heard the little thing go off I thought again it was from someone in the tribe, when I saw it was him I totally freaked out.

I almost had another panic attack, I sat there looking at the IM chat for like 5 minutes, But somehow I forced myself to reply to the IM…and so we talked for a little while before he had to go…

The conversation went fairly normal..He said that I could talk to him about anything if I needed someone…I don't know what to think, I'm so confused on whether he means it or not. But i'm trying.

Though i'm not sure if things can go as smooth in person, I'm such a coward and I just wish I could read minds, To really be able to tell what people think of me…

Anyway, I'm posting this early since I won't be back until late, If I survive i'll let you know how everything went…also check out my other entry I recently posted….Ano….

I guess that's it…Oh…and even though I rarely use facebook like I stated before, I saw someone post this so I decided to try it…I just posted it this:

"R.I.P I just passed away…
• If you don't care: Stop reading.
• If you'd go to my funeral: *Like my status*
• If you'd miss me: Comment a ♥
• If your not scared, repost this to see who your "REAL" friends are
(I won't be surprised if no one responds….It is me afterall…)"

I also posted my drawings a few days ago…people said they like them but I feel like they're lying, just pity…and I know no one will respond to what I just posted, No one would care if I died after all

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  1. Mo 9 years ago

    shoot- i missed your drawing? dang it all. I will keep pounding it in your head woman; WE CARE. 🙂

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