Good mornin Tribe!

Hope this finds u doin good … I am tired myself!!! yesterday was … different.

I waited all day for Matthew to call me, but he didnt. His girlfriend text'd me and said that he would call today after graduation. I have to say, it totally hurt my feelings and I cried like a baby. I dont understand, even though I know he had a lot goin on. She said, that he said, he couldnt walk and talk at the same time … ok, so that infuriated me to a point, then just hurt me.

Also had someone else say something that got to my heart.

I am usually more guarded, but after those two things, and with the stress of the wedding, I broke.

Which, was good I think. I needed to feel what I was feeling, deal with it and get past it. Which I am now. It took some prayer, but I'm good today.

Dreading the hot weather!!! 107 is forecasted for today … that's crazy … I will be inside today let me tell ya … lol

My prayers to those in Colo … those fires out there are awful.

Hope ur day is amazing, and full of laughter, love and joy. Keep ur head up and take one step at a time.

Dont just sit there, get up, move … do something u enjoy!!!

Love to all …


p.s. I uploaded new pictures of Matthew that his girlfriend sent me … He graduates boot camp this mornin at 9 a.m. parris island time … say a prayer for all our hero's …

  1. Chantale 9 years ago

    I\'m glad you are feeling better today! Thank you for sharing the pics. They are lovely. Take care.

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  2. Shelley5716 9 years ago

    thank u!!! I pray u are doin good too! Have a great day.

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