Tonight, I find myself drowning in ego’s plan of Fear, Hate, Guilt, and Pain.  I choose this Ego’s idea of what I am, as it is designed to keep me trapped for Fear of God’s wrath.  The only wrath is that of which I am addicted.  The wrath of separation from God as I dwell in Fear and Guilt for my tiny mad idea of thinking a laughable idea.  I can not be separate from the Father but I stand here before you proclaiming that I am, so that you will come too me with sympathy and pity.  Keep my Ego self alive, for it is not ready too die.  This Body tells me how corrupt the tiny mad idea of separation is for me.  It’s decay is very attention seeking and requires me too seek outside for an answer that simply does not exist.  Yet I continue playing with my distracting toys of specialness, in hopes someday I will find protection from God’s wrath as I have insisted it must be so.

Being caught in this trap as I am, is beginning to get really tiresome and lonely.  So, I am told that if I go too the "holy spirit", I can learn to let go of this dream sequence and learn a happier dream, and then awaken from it’s deceptive hold.  I guess that’s how it works…Regardless, where I find myself at this time is ridiculous unacceptalbe.  Now is the moment of ONENESS not 5 minutes from now, not tomorrow, not next year.  NOW…

And Now is a beautiful moment.  Words/symbols of judgement can fall away, and so I let them go.  There is no longer any use for the toys from a world that would hold me hostage in a nonreality of fear and guilt.  Now, there is no fear.  Now, guilt does not exist.  Now, the forgiveness for all my meaningless sacrafices becomes mine. yours and OURS.  Now is beautiful, and even the Ego sees the end is near, as it hangs on fiercely.  And NOW ego is fading, and NOW Love is Rising up too meet me, you, and US in a completely beautiful awareness.

Yes, NOW…and nothing can conquer OUR NOW.  Now is such a Gift…it’s OUR Gift too ourself.  Embraces it’s wonderousness.  Swallow it whole.  NOW always is and all I must do is BE.  Watch the possible judgements are they present, if so, let them go and accept the NOW.  THE LOVE OF MY LIFE…is NOW…THE LOVE OF GOD is NOW.  It’s impenetrable for FEAR, no fear can withstand the MOMENTS I STAND IN NOW…

Thank You, oh holy one.  I am Whole NOW…thank you Father.


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