the eyes i see in the dark,

the hug i think of when im alone,

the smirk i see when i do something stupid,

the kiss i will never forget,

it's you,

the one that i want to give everything to,

the one i could just be myself around,

the one that i could spend all day just laying on your chest,

the one i wish could hold me forever,

the one that is the source of my happiness,

the one i can be a fool around,

the one that will listen to me when i cry,

the one that will be with me when i'm sick,

the one that can make me smile when i dont want to,

the one that will take a break from video games to text me back,

the one that will tell his friends about me,

the one that will love me,

it's you,

the one that will lie to my face,

the one that will make me cry,

the one that can ruin my whole day,

the one who used me,

the one who got everything he wanted from me,

the one who treats other girls the same as me,

the one who will ignore me when he is with his friends,

the one that doesnt think about me,

the one who is always too busy for me,

the one that tells me to change something about myself,

the one who only wanted me so he could get some,

the one who ruined my life,

the one who doesnt care about me at all,

the one who would rather hang with friends than do nothing with me,

the one that i can never trust again,

the one that i still hope for,

the one that is a lost cause,

it's you,

the one who doesn't know the REAL me….

it's you


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