well  i cant even beleve im only on 6mls of methadone a day!!! I  was oon 100mls a day at one stage so if i do say so myself – GO ME!!!im realy happy with the way thing aree at the moment. I even got a legitimate offer of entering into  a new company being set up by 2 girls in an area close to me , they will be doin a small amout of beauty treatments and holistic traements/massage etc and seing as i do acrylic nails they asked me to  be part of the company!!!i dont evene believe it myself…this  could work out really really well for me, id be a part – partner in a business!!!! I am waiting to get my nail kit from a salon service product company but its the salon card i ddont have  a retail salon card… but il get them some how an were going to hav a busines meeting next week so i can do a tester of nails on one of the girls so she can see how good or bad i am.  but she saw my  own nails which i did myself that have been on 6 weeks without being refilled (i dont like reflls  , i think they look too fake) and she thought they were excellent, they dont even look fake! and i would just be a part of the business an hav an input into it but wouldnt be  a director so basically any money i make is just extra momney i can keep and ii can also still do my course and other work ….aww guys things just keep getting better and better here for me!!!!! i am so happy. even if this doesnt work out ,its still was or is a fantastc opportunity and  i am so happy to even hav the offer of it.

Im feeelin ok on the 6mls, a bit sick  and not sleeping at all, in fact i just got home from a 9 hour shift and usually i would be aslepp before i got to my bed but im sleepin badly at the moment, i dont really mind these feelings im getting though cos in 2 damn weeks il be off that shit hopefully for tjhe rest of my life…so BRING IT ON!!Hahahhaahaha

Everything else is good, im of work tomorrow as i my driving test for my full licence on sat morning so they let me have it off asi would have beeen working untll the small hours of the morning aand definatley would have been too tired to do the test. Not sure if il pass anyway but sure we  willl see!!! Fingers crossed for me ok everyone & say a prayer for me as i really need this!! my insurance is so high cos im on a provisonal learner permit plus all these stupid laws came into ireland about learner drivers so i NEED  to pass th8is!!

Hope ur all doin really really good, and enjoy the weekemd ok.

Love ya's xxx

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  1. KizzyT31 14 years ago

    hey yeayh thanks everyone for the replys. I am happy., im a new me, a new person , well at leasst a more improved version haha


    Thanks eveyonme, and u know what i cant wait to get statted with this addiction studies so i cam really learn how to show people they can be free from addiction and drug abuse and have a happy , healthy life. It can be changed. Look at us all on herre who are doinf well,, sober and happy. The proof! (not that every day is good but the good times are out weighing the bad so thats somethig positive anyway!!!!)

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