Some of you may know this and some of you may not.  I have found my long lost love again.  We lost touch 20 years ago and reconnected on myspace.  We have been talking for about 7 months.  He was always telling me he wanted to get back with me and still loves me and stuff but I never knew how I felt cause it was so long and so much has happened in all that time.  So anyway I have just been going about my business on here and making new friends and talk with him still.  The more we talked the more I started to realize I still had feelings for him. A couple of  weeks ago he flew out here for 5 days to visit with me.  See he and I were best friends back then so I didn\'t know what was going to happen once he showed up here.  I guess I had hopes we would get together but didn\'t want to get hopes up and be let down and hurt once again.  So I have been playing it cool and trying to not let my feelings get out of control. I figured if nothing more he and I would always be the best of friends and I was fine with that.  Anyway he and I are offcially boyfriend and girlfriend and I couldn\'t be happier.  I don\'t remember ever being this happy ever in my life.  It feels so right.  So I wanted to say to all my guy friends on here that were hoping for something more then friendship that I am sorry.  I will still be your friend and that is really the only reason I came on this site to begin with.   Yea I flirt and I love to flirt but that is all it will ever be.  So if you have a problem with me flirting with you please say so and if you feel we cannot be friends cause I am now taken then I guess we were never friends to begin with so go ahead and delete me.  True friends stick together and that is what I came on here for.   So once again sorry to those that feel let down and I hope that next time I log on I will have the same friends on my list.  If not happy hunting in whatever you are looking for.

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  1. Sassafrass 12 years ago

    Wow! I just love hearing great stories like this! I am so happy for you and your beau. Val

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