wrong. because what might be the third bad thing thats happened for you, isnt the same bad thing thats happened as a whole for your family. for example. my best friend being beat up by his dad and in hospital for three days isnt bad for my family, doesnt affect them. however when my aunt died and we had her funeral today thats one thing for my family and a second one for me.. and when my second cousin got hit by a car with his gf on the 29th of december that was the second for my family and third for me right? so i can be done now? nope. now my best friend from HS has been in a car accident tonight. and i havent heard about how she is doing or anything in a whole hour. oh yea on a side note we might have to put one of our personal animals down because shes refusing food now its been a month. three weeks starved at a flea market and now the week and a half we've had her shes so anorexic she refuses to eat.. good thing about all this crap going on, at least now i know a few more people in my family.. weve had three famiily reunions one new years party and a funeral.. we're italian.. all 97 of the family members i met the last two days are my grandmothers fathers side of the family. and our real family reunion is going to happen this year.. we will be having over 300 family members in attendance(assuming theres no more funerals.. ive been to 5 the last 9 months) my grandmother is even inviting our distant family, who us 'youngins' dont understand because they speak italian and havent been written in our family tree since the 1700's :/ gotta love the family history information overload at a funeral..


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