I just watched this on the news, this man that died is/was a spitting image of a family friend, I could not believe my eyes, I swore I was looking at Bludge on the news dead… they both look identicle to each other, they both have the same 'colourfull' history, the same attitude towards police,the same smile, facial hair, face shape, hair style, all the way down to the same bloody dimples!!! and even this mans sister looked familia. Its unbelievable. And you'd think that I would know if it was him or not by his name… nope! my friend goes by 3 names… his christian name (some Ukaslavian name), his english name (Mark) and his street name (Bludge) I only knew his english and street name and the news kept using a name which sounds Ukaslavian. I thought Bludge was dead and went right panic, this man that treated me like his own daughter and would do anything for me at the drop of a hat was dead for about an hour and a half lol then on the ABC news they said this man died back in June last year, then I started thinking "Oh god when was the last time I saw him? then I realised I last saw him at the end of last year but then felt crazy by thinking "nah it couldnt have been… he's dead" then I rang mum and she confirmed that yes we saw him late last year, sooooo Bludge is not dead… I hope lol It's still so unbelievable that the two of them are just soooo much alike, they say everyone has a twin out there… I think I found Bludges!!! Not even identicle twins that I've known look that much alike and no he does no thave a twin, he is the only boy with about 5 sisters. I still cant believe it!!!!!!


  1. Tara 13 years ago

    He's alive, the man who died, died in June and my friend I saw just before christmas, just for some reason they are updating us up on something. But I will be ringing him when mum brings me his number

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  2. thelifeofjade 13 years ago

     wow thats crazy…and scary. 

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