My anxiety is based off of medical issues. I think that everything that can happen to someone medical wise is going to happen to me. Like for example I think that Im having a heart attack when my chest hurts, then my left arm goes numb. I used to always go to the hospital when this happened untill my doctor perscribed me Xanax…. after awhile my doctor tryed to get me off of it and I didnt want to not because I was addicted… because I didnt take them everyday, only when I was anxious becuase they were the only things helping me. So after that he took me off of them and I seeked help through a therapist and I really enjoy going to her. Unfortunetly I only get to see her for a hour and I never feel like it helps much. My anxiety has been doing pretty well untill I recently had the worst panic attack of my life. I was at the mall and my body went numb and I hit the floor. I though for sure I had a stroke due to the fact that my side of my face is still numb. I am freaking out that that is what happened and the hospital just sent me home and told me it was just anxiety and that I needed to get on heavy meds. I dont want to be medicated to get my happieness back in my life but sometime I feel like thats my only option but I hate taking any medications. I barly take ibprophan, but the only thing that helpedis Xanax, but I dont want to start taking them again because I feel im at the point that I could very well get adddicted to them due to how bad my anxiety has gotten. I feel as if I hit rock bottom, I was doing so good and bam out of no where the mall incident happened and I just cant seem to get passed it. Is there anyone out there that has the same fears as me, and if you have gotten through them what are something that helped because Im really starting to give up like I can never have my normal life back again.


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