we,, my name is marcus im 18 n im havin probs with my ex . she broke up with me on christmas day n its been hell for me espically that im 2 thousand miles away form my family. wen i was bout 17 i met her online we talked like no tomarrow we were constantly always on the phone and 3 months went by  so i asked her out so weve been goin out for about almost a 1 year and five months. in that time she told me that her ex forced a kiss. i was not mad at her but i was mad that it happened so i forgave her.then she did it again in this time she said apart of her still loved him. so i lost trust in her. and i asked her can u not go to ur friends house for a while cause i cant trust u right now she said ok i understand. 2 months go by and i decied that i can trust her again so i said go with ur friends have fun. so she did n they went to a carnival in there town i get a call from ppl sayin she kissed a carney n that broke my heart but i saw past that. what gets me upset is she left me cuz i supossely abused her verbaly and physically first off i would never hit a female just for the facts that i dispice ppl that do n cause i saw my mom get beat i just dont know wut to do i would type more but i have to goto school if any one can plz help me if u can send me a msg here or on my email address [email protected]  thank u to ever helps me


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