Can you see her

Standing perfectly,

Perched silently.

On the rocky cliff.

Like a snowy owl

Dressed in the whitest muslin.

Breathing slowly,

Eyes closed;

She doesn’t see

Her angelic beauty.

Only the scars

Scattered over her soft flesh.

Only horrible memories

That fill her dreams.

That call out in the night.

Hot sweat,

Empty tears.

She feels alone.

In her angelic grace,

She stands.

Arms spread wide

Open for the world to bear witness.

To cast judgment,

To love.

She feels the warmth of her smile

Cross her stone face.

She lets out her final breath,

And falls.


copyright 2007 Jade Clark

All rights reserved

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  1. privatenurse06 2 years ago

    Beautiful and so true of those feelings inside. You have a way with words!

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