So, I told my boyfriend that I might have to go back on Zoloft, and he said if I needed to I should, but he thought I could fight it on my own. I told him about cutting being more enticing everyday (I didn't want to tell him about me cutting yesterday). He said not to do it and you know all the typical stuff. So I felt really bad and told him I didn't mean to worry him and he said I didn't worry him, it was just that cutting is a temporary solution and only takes my mind off of things for a little bit. And not to be so hard on myself. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I haven't talked to him about cutting or anything like that before so it was really nice to have him say that without me having to explain anything of what I'm feeling or going through. It was just instantly better.

I think I might kind of feed off of other people's emotions. Like when someone says they're worried about me I start to get anxious. Or whenever someone is really happy and I feel in tune to them I get happy. It's mostly the negative emotions though that get to me. If someone is sad, I feel sad and anxious that I can't help them.

I have this book called Positive Energy and I think I might read it. I was going to… but then I kind of stopped. I think that it might help me because it's about blocking negative emotions, taking care of yourself, and meditating and all of that good stuff.


Anyway, I'm way tired. Just wanted to share my little bit of good news about how I feel better and stuffs.

Good night all.
Sweet dreams. 


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