In my family life I am the 3 child out 0f 4, I am the one who always gets overlooked, but I am also the one who gets in-trouble the most. I get overlooked when I have done the right thing or got the best grade, but when I do something wrong or don’t get a good grade that’s when I am always getting yelled at. It happens more often to me now that my mum and dad are always fighting with eachother and my mum is always blaming me for being the reason that they are fighting but the only way to escape all the fighting is (I hopped I would never say this) going to school because of all the friends that really care about me, it makes me feel like I have a proper family away from my real family and they are the only reasons i am still here today writing the blog. Life at home is not getting any better it is just getting worse for me and im afraid that my little 13 year old brother has no idea whats going on, and i think its just all going over his head and sooner or later it will come back soon harder when he realizes whats really going on, i just hope it happens sooner rather than later for his sake. When my mum told me that i was the reason that they where fighting she also told me to move out and that really hurt me because i was always told that no matter what parents say they will always love you but she was really sure that she didn’t want me in her life anymore. I haven’t told anyone close to me this because i cant bring myself to do it and doing it on here sort of hleps but it will never take the pain that i am going through away, i don’t think anything will be able to take this pain away. I hope no on has to go through what im going through because it sucks and if you are let me know and i will be the shoulder you need, especially school aged people that have the stress of exams and tests and don’t need to stress about whats going on at home.

Just hit me up if you need the support and i will be at the other end helping.

  1. alter-native 4 years ago

    I come from a ‘broken’ family, so I can kinda understand what you are going through/how you must be feeling. If you need it, I am here for you. 🙂

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  2. cait1in 4 years ago

    I understand this as well, as a ‘middle’ child. I’m the second child and the younger twin. My parents ignore me unless I’m ‘needed’ (A.K.A clean the house, get yelled at for my cat being a cat, you get the drift) and it’s the number 1 cause of my depression. I want to be accepted but they just don’t. It’s like I only exist to be made fun of

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