Im stupid. Im stupid. Im stupid. Im useless. i cant do anything right. Those are the things on in my head. Itry to do 1 thing right but that always back fire. im like dead trees branches im weak. i hate literally everything about myself i did something stupid today. i also did something stupid last weak i didnt die i didnt have the gts even tho i really want to die and not feel pain. i want a therapist so i could talk to someone but i cant tell my family can i? i talk to my friend about this but she probably hate me now. ik i would. I make mistakes that hurt ppl. Would things be better if i died? i think they would but then i think about my family and how it would hurt them but now i just cant care about it like i used to. i have a big mouth. i dont know wat i want to do with life. i  cant even see myself in the future. wat do i do? Die? Maybe? Yes? No? maybe go into a coma would that be nice. i want to sleep forever. God why am i STUPID.

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  1. ellespratt 1 month ago

    Hey, my name is elle, and i feel the same way. i understand ur struggle and i know how hard it is. please try for me 🙂 i know it can be hard, u may not be able to see yourself in the future but i promise
    u, things will get better, u will become the better u in the future. you got this! head up 🙂 i believe in u!! my snapchat is Espratt57 if u ever wanna talk i’m here for u!

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