(Her name is Shiro when she's the "Wretched Egg", I might color her in…She has white hair and blood-red eyes..)

So…It's fathers day…I wished him a 'happy' fathers day this morning, and mom plans to give him his gifts and cards when he gets back from the store and what not…

She also wants to get him out and about today since he hasn't been out in awhile, trying to search for jobs and all that, he has two interviews this coming week though…So hopefully it goes well.

Also, for dinner he wants to go to this restaurant called "4 Rivers Smokehouse" or something, It's basically this Texas BBQ place,and their meat is done 'right' and he really likes it…

I already have alarms going off in my head-

First, I'm a vegetarian so even if I did eat, I'd have a serious problem with this place already, Plus with my ED'S (eating disorders) so of course I'm not going to eat in the first place.

then there's the crowd, Restaurants are always loud with people who judge and it sets my anxiety off edge. and just thinking about it makes my body shake, and my heart wants to keel over and die, PLUS-

On fathers day or any goddamn holiday, Anywhere to eat or attractions or going to be ten times more packed and intense because of it, that's the last thing I need. and what if mom makes me wear my new clothes from Hottopic?

I don't mind the shirts, or the LONG pants I got (even though black clothes are murder in the summer) but I know she's gonna nag at me to wear the pin shorts or skull skirt or whatever,,,

I just woke up a few minutes ago (after only resting for a total of half-an-hour) and my stress is off the roof…but I am also watching "The Dark Knight" one of the movies I love other then Harry Potter…I loved the Joker in this one..

Anyway, back to my point. I can tell today is going to down right kill me, and i'm gonna have to dodge alot of bullets, not only that but i'm still having those symptoms from the surgery so it's making everything I feel WORSE then normal.

I just want to fade into the nothingness that is my room, Also yesterday (16th) was my friends' Maddie's birthday, I sent her a bday card and a text, but I didn't see her because she's at metrocon (15-17) and of course I didn't go

(I think I mentioned why in one of my posts…) but basically I didn't go for a mix of just getting out of the hospital and my anxiety and money problems of not being able to go…

Though Kim asked if I wanted to go to universal with her and maddie this coming wednesday…

I still haven't made up my mind about that though and I'm not sure if i'm going to say yes or not…I don't want to be a burden to them.

Oh, and I'm almost done writing my Letter to Ali…I want to make sure I get it right, I'm thinking I might post it in a blog entry when i'm done…and get your opinions before I have the guts to send it..

Alright, well that's it for now. I hope you like the drawing that I posted, I finished it last night so I could atleast post something for you guys (and gals) It's not my best work but eh…I feel like I relate to that character (Her name is Shiro)

Shiro has to split personalities because of the painful experiments she went though when she was a child, (this is from an anime called Deadman Wonderland) and so this is when she's her other self, which is nicknamed

"Wretched Egg"

So yeah…Well hope everyone else is well, and that if your seeing your fathers today or something it goes well…erm…I suck at this, Sorry.


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