Ok, so I didnt sleep worth a flip again, but, I am thankful for another day… the last few nites have been on and off sleep, not really resting … which sucks … lol

Poor Roger prolly thinks I'm loosing it, but he aint sleeping no better … lol … thing is it aggrevates me that he can nap during the day and I cant … I'm jealous … heehee, turd!!!

Using my "power thought" today … I will not live in fear … I have decided that the enemy of my soul is a loser and only has the control over me that I give to him … and I admit, I have given him plenty over the last 13 yrs … time to take control back and give it to the one who can handle it right, God …

I look back over the yrs and I am brought to rememberance of how God has never, not for a second, left me … He has brought me thru so many things … addiction to Zanax, alcohol, etc … I am now 10 months sober and I cant thank Him enough.

I'm not where I want to be, but thank God I'm not where I was … Told ya'll there was more to my story … which one day, I will share about the darkness I lived in for so long.

I have asked the Lord to let me get over it, but never forget … He brought me thru for other's … I've lived it, I know … and now can help others with the knowledge He has given me, compassion for others and a love for Him that cant be compared to any other.

Let's face it … I was a hot mess!!! No, I am not perfect, and actually dont want to be, if I was, I wouldnt need or want God … and I never want to live without Him in my life again!

I pray all of u have a great day … I'll holla again after church … HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dad's out there and too all the Mom's who have had to fill those shoe's ….

Love and blessings …


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  1. Shelley5716 10 years ago

    Hey Red … thank u … church was great as usual … just resting this afternoon, enjoying the quiet … hope ur able to sleep tonite as well … have a great afternoon!!!

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