hello tribe family and friends, are you feeling frustrated, complacent, tired with how you're life is going? and trying to live this 12 step program that has saved many addicts before us? Get the hell out of God's way and let him work in your life. the only way to truly make the best of what is being given to you free of charge is to put it to use in your life today.

this life we call Recovery is a process. for every action there is a reaction. to be reachable you have to remain teachable. what step are you on today? have you even starting working or living by the 12 steps in your life? if not quit blowing smoke up everybodies ass and get involved with your sponsor and your home group. service work is a must for people in recovery. get involved in your personal program of recovery.

man i hear and read a lot of whining in meetings and on line about how hard it is to stay clean. when are you going to stopping bitching and get the itching for Recovery? people unforetunatly die daily from this disease and i refuse to be a statistic in the local obituaries today. using today is not an option, being miserable is not an option today but being happy, joyous and free is. it's the option i choose. give this program one year in your life. if you still don't think it's for you then we will refund your misery 100%.

Remember that  Recovery is a Journey not a Destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way and you'll be on the road to recovery for life. stay clean and be good to yourself.


In Recovery 4 Life,



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