So are you an Addict or and Alcoholic? i hear that question being asked all the time. for me i am both. because one went with other. i cannot remember ever using without drinking. i started both in 1967 and stopped both in 1989. i seem to get into a lot of trouble while drunk yet it took drugs to get me to prison over 30 years ago. today i am a card carrying member of NA for life. yes i occasionally go to our founding program but i always get looked down upon when i add the word drugs to my sharing. so for me it was an easy choice i am an ADDICT.

By the grace of God Jimmy K. and a few other addicts founded this program the year before i was born that has saved many of our asses known as Narcotics Anonymous. you can choose what program works best for you. just choose and work it to the best of your ability and when you don't have an answer to something that might take your ass back out to die for God's sake ask somebody who has a few days behind them. for a few of us who have a few days back to back we are more than willing to help. that's how we got some time in this program and some peace and serenity in our lives we asked for suggestions. don't ask for opinions be cause we all should know by now o[pinions are just ike assholes everyone has one.

take you butt to as many meetings as you have to. your life is on the line. it's a life or death situation and i hope most of you have figured that out by now. i know for a fact if i went back out i would be dead in a year or less. that is why i sponsor people, still go to meetings, speak at conventions and continue to work the 12 steps on a daily basis. You might now get it right away but you just keep coming until it finally hits home, your powerless and you life is unmanageable. come and listen to the message and not the jackass carrying it. stay clean and be good to yourself.

NA Hugs,



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