So yesterday there was a new club for over 18 happening at temple and we all decided to go, I though it was going to be boring, but boy I wrong turns out to be one of the best times of my life. I can see myself going there every tuesday now since its free if u get on the guest list. Dam looks like since that friend is not chilling with me that much anymore, I think i can get over that now since now imma be looking forward to doing other stuff though. I really don’t want that to happen but he just seems like he wants to go back to his old world, and it seems like I am included, but he just only chills when we do something, and even if we are doing something he might not show up or show up hella late. I really feel like crying cause of this, dam u no know how much fun i have when my old group was chilling, but now its like drifting away, well not really according him, but it feels like it. I met back up with some old friends at the club too, and it looks like imma be chilling with them more now. Dam I cant believe yesterday happen, my other friend got drunk and start to try and kiss people lol and then he hurted my finger… lol either its still hella fun to drink with them. My whole body is sore from the club. They going to play trance next week hehe, they played electro this week and its grand opening. Dam this is excited, but i still feel hella bad that my friend aint there. I really wish he would just start talking to me and meetup like a couple times a week at least, but he thinks its boring cause we aint doing shit, but whatever, like i said i cant really do anything bout it. If i do, its just going to make me look bad somehow… he also makes it look like he dont care either but I no he will always be my Hing Dai for life so thats all i need to know. Its boring to chill with him, but i still want to chill with him for some reason, he really changed my life and accepted me so i really appreciate all the things he did like ditched his friends for half a year to chill with me, or is it really him just wanting to pop. Dam drugs can be very sadden, but now i think i can get over it and start doing new things. dam i really dont want that to happen, but its going to happen lol, am i the wrong one here i cant eve till omg I missed chilling with them. O wells imma go watch some anime now..


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