I feel really good today even though I'm tired and have a huge bug bite on my face. But strangely, those things aren't bringing me down, it feels really nice knowing that there are things that could make me feel grumpy or make me feel ugly, but it doesn't today, it feel really nice.

Last night my boyfriend's mom decided to treat everyone out to a movie to celebrate his two younger siblings graduating and going on to middle school and high school, and to also celebrate my boyfriend getting a job. Now mind you, I asked her if I should bring money, she said "Oh no mami, my husband pay." So I didn't bring money…guess what happened when it was time to get the tickets? My boyfriend came striaght from work and once he got there she had him pay for us and his siblings. Then his parents paid for everyone (but me and him) to have popcorn, soda…etc. So ya…so much for her treating us to a movie. But whatever, honestly, I kind of expected it to happen the way it did. Oh, and what was great was that before the movie started I leaned over and gave my boyfriend a 'church kiss' on the lips, basically a peck. She actually leaned in between us and did the whole mother yell, you know, where you don't have to raise your voice, it's just the tone. But whatever, she's a b*tch…ANYWAYS!!! onto the good stuff lol sorry I just had to get all of that out real quick.

So ya, but it was weird, but in a good way because even though a few things besides the movie happened and was bad, it didn't bring me down. It feels really good to have these things happening that I would usually hold onto and let ruin my day, and now I just brush it off, because it's not important. My boyfriend's mom is going to be a b*tch no matter how I feel about her, I'm going to always get bug bites and they're going to keep get infected until I build up an immunity to it, so I can't do anything. People are stupid and no matter how many people you explain things to there will always be 4 other people to take that one person's place in stupidity, but there's nothing you can do about it, don't take anything personally and just let it go, whether you get mad or not or let it ruin your day, it's still going to be the same. Just focus on the good things throughout your day.


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