Well, how do you like that…I had to go to the ER early this morning. A little after midnight, I was unpleasantly awakened by pressure and pain in my upper stomach area. After an hour, the intense feeling worsened. Off to the ER I went. I still do not understand the word 'Emergency' when the waiting took several hours and during those hours I was kept informed that the Doctor could not be found. Not something someone in pain wants to hear! But I was placed in a room to wait.

Now, here's the thing, my mom was with me. Not only was I dealing with the pain and pressure but I was beginning to hurt taking breaths.She gets up and does Reiki on me. This is something my mom has always believed in. I wouldn't let her practice on me because she had once mentioned she could feel the persons 'emotions' and that was something I did not want her to 'feel' about me.I didn't want her to feel my sadness.

At first, I didn't feel any difference right away. Then the Dr came in, asked me some questions then began feeling my stomach. He started throwing out words like, "Stones, hernia, stomach ulcer" words I'm not too crazy about. He said he was going to order some tests, medications and he'd return. My mom gets back up and begins Reiki again. The unusual thing is, she had placed one hand on my stomach and the other on my back after some time, I felt my stomach twitch. I was able to breath without hurting….then, all of a sudden, I let out a loud burp! Then another and the pain began to subside. My mom took a step back, smiled and walked over to the sink to wash her hands. I was feeling better! The pain wasn't as bad anymore. I felt…good.

I walked out of the room, spoke to a nurse, informed her I didn't need the medication and wished to leave. She gave me a surprised look. Said the medications were ready including a shot which was going to be given to me. I apologized. Told her I was rather embarrassed but after letting out some burps, I felt no need for any of that. In my mind, it was gas. I had to sign a waiver stating I was leaving against Doctors orders. By the time I arrived home, it was 4 am.

I made an appointment with my HIV Doctor whom I will see on Tuesday….just to be on the safe side. Did Reiki help? I'd like to think so. Or was it just a coincidence…maybe. All I know for sure now is that I WILL NO LONGER MIND for my mom to do Reiki on me anymore!

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  1. MarcAnthony 11 years ago

    I certainly trust the power of Reiki now! And I agree, one simply has to believe and completely accept the power of Reiki to channel the healing energy from within.

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