I am not one of those hands on folks. I am quite a hermit. I love quiet thought  and loud music!    But I am trying to get better, about sharing. Information, thoughts, and things to make you go…."HMMMMMMMMM?" 


I posted a couple polls, added a forum…..and now a new blog. 

I am a Gardener.  I am usually in the yard this time of year.  And a workaholic….but thanks to this economic  suck hole…..I am unemployed.  So I am here, trying to give a point of view…..seldom heard.

I am not on MEDS, so I caution all to realize that first.  I can\'t tell you all to make sure you have a bowel movement every day…….a  basis of good health……because (as I understand it) eliminating is not a problem for those on meds.  Those of you not on meds.  Healthy immune system feeds off a healthy Bowel system.

My medical was  cancelled …I need to post an update on my VIRAL LOAD.  I  will, because as a possible non-progressor and never on meds, I\'d like to support my healthy line of thinking with ACTUAL DATA. MINE. 

I was stung last year by Lots of Wasps.  My viral load went above 20,000- but soon came back down on it\'s own. To 1200.     ????     I have no answers, eat good & avoid chemical toxins. 

Check out  the Zephyr Foundation.   Elite controllers & non-progressors.

Get a carrot /beet/ parsely juice made fresh and  have some Pesto!


  1. healthymoonwitch 13 years ago

    So nice to meet you. And good to hear You are out there!   I am always mindfull of a day when my intuition and  hopefulness are just an illusion……you give me hope that we are maybe…..on to something.  I get so lost on this site.  It took me a few to find your post. it’s my inexperience here.  I posted a few polls, trying to get more familiar.   Have you any thoughts on Coconut oil/ flour/ cream?   I took it about 6 months. not sure if it helped, but it’s reported to be a miracle against HIV virus.   Lauric Acid and anti viral properties.   I have only been pos for 5 yrs, that I know of. I have a long way to go…………but I am ready & well equiped !!!!


                                                Peace & Good Health!!! 

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  2. healthymoonwitch 13 years ago

    I love it!!!    Thank You.   Glad to hear from you.  It is complicated.  And money and greed fuels the things that get done.  Basil can be free!    I had wanted to live to be old, mortality scares me, so all the things we are discussing are very dear to me……and need to be shared with the folks that have not heard of such things  , YET.     I want to live healthy, and happy.   Not just surviving.  All these things translate to other  diseases too.    Cinnamon for sugar ailments.  Ginger for digestion.  It’s a  science older than  HIV.  And a possible answer to many ailments with no  medical insurance billing needed.  Just a good farmer’s market.

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