Well, i’ve found something that helps me sleep. I was prescribed it by a doctor, it’s called Zopicone, and it’s a sleeping tablet.

I have read the side effects, and didn’t want to take them, but oh well, life is life.

I took these about 10 minutes ago, and already feel drowsy, so writing my blog before I fall asleep.


Been pretty good for the last 3 days, been very busy and had a lot of stuff to do, so pre-occupied a lot there.

I haven’t harmed in 2 days, record for me lately, and i’m very proud of myself! Which makes a change 🙂

I spoke with my doctor again on Monday, and he prescribed these pills, and I told him a bit more about what was going on in my life. Seeing my counseller at some point next week hopefully, a good chance to get some stuff off my chest again.

The doctor said I had a 19/21 score on my Depression and Anxiety test… wonder what thats told him about how I feel? Wonder what he will do. He has mentioned anti-depressants and I feel ok about going on these, if it helps me sort my life out and to carry on with my son and his life. This past week has been such a breakthrough in my life, and I am feeling the tinyest bit better. Hopefully this will continue when I get on the anti-depressants, and start to turn my life back on track.

Recent news from work, we got in the top 10 out of the company for sales, and this could lead to another promotion for me 🙂 heres to fingers crossed eh? Hopefully I can start enjoying my job, which in turn helps me enjoy life.

Ok, these tablets are kicking in pretty strongly now, so I will finish and try to get some sleep.

I hope this blog is inspirational to some people, as i’m going to re-read it tomorrow, if I feel down and tell myself that life is slowly, but surely improving.

Goodnight everyone, sleep tight, and remember, life can, and will get better.

May all of you feel safe in the knowledge that people will normally improve, even if it’s a small step.

One step at a time, we move along the path of life, this is becoming my new motto 🙂

Night! (For real this time)


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