With my life being such a mess and not having any direction I've been struggling with dating issues. I am a big ole chicken as I am afraid of dating as I seem to attract the wrong men and even if they were the right ones, I'd still be a big ole chicken, lol, I don't need the pressure of someone elses needs on top of my already long list. I'm afraid to get close to a man again and really don't think I want a physical relationship right now. I worry about someone wanting in my personel space. I've been out of the dating sceene for 11 yrs. and things have certainly changed ! I either get men that are extremely needy or they want sex, they make rude comments about my breast, like you really have some big ones, well geeze such an intelligent and meaningful remark ! I want so much more than physicality with a man and if I can't have what I require then I'd rather just focuse on getting my life rolling. I'm also 47 yrs. old so time is wasting so to speak and frankly the men that have shown interest in me have been numerous, but none worth the effort, boring, and some act as if though there still in high school. I suppose its like looking for the eye of the needle in the haystack. I've been in a wonderfully loving relationship before and I settled for less and it wasn't worth it that's for sure. Having someone love your mind along with your body is and not on the physical level as we all grow old , magical to say the least, it makes you feel so validated and rounded out in life, able to overcome things a little more easily. Anyways enough rambling…… anyone have any advice for an old lady new on the dating sceene…..boundries, 101 how to set them, who pays?…..weeding out the unworthy…..and for heavens sake what shall I wear? lol……

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  1. QuadRaptor 11 years ago

    Sorry you haven't found the right man yet.  I would never be one of those sex-craved ones, because I am more respectful than that and see people for their personality and values rather than stare at their bodies.  It's one of the reasons why I'm so upset with my own gender right now, because they continue to do stupid stuff like that and then women decide to lump all men into this 'sex craved, unintelligent, asshole' category, which I am not any of.

    Well anyway, I hope you find one someday that will treat you right.

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