Just venting

solike before  i lost all my friends all the fake ones anyways for some reason i lost my bracelet but the problem is my parents are still over protective im 23 and i have no friends because of this . one guy i just met 19 was sad and depressed and i was there for him took him out and now we are best friends . yesterday i went to columbia college and waited two hours for him to get out of class and then we were on our way home and i gave hi a hug andgot home at 9:50 then this morning my dad had an attitude where was i hy didnt i call your mother was worried and stuff they dont even like me. when i grew up they always yelled and said i wasnt good enough and made me feel worthless and now all of a sudden they act like they care and they dont we never talk they just look in my room and see i sleep and go about there business i keep to myself cause my dad and i always argue about everything and i know im right but i let him yell becasue of the anger i have tward him i dont want to fight physically.

i want a new job but if i get it they will really worry. i want to cry ecasue god has been blessing me , sometimes i feel like i dont deserve it. i just wish things get better i am blessed but i dont feel blessed casue i let my pareents baby me and they dont want me have a life i know they just want me to call and tell them where i am but did you tell your parents where you were 24 seven ?


i want to die now maybe if i was with god everything will be better but i dont want to be selfish cause i dont want to leave my sister or qydell or darius  those are the real people that love me. i dont know ust pray for me.


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