so this is my first blog. im a 17 year old girl who hasnt felt normal in almost a year. i have horrible anxiety branching off into OCD and minor depression. its driving me insane each day and its taking a huge toll on my life. my whole life i was always claustrophobic and had medical worries here and there, but now it has gone too far. i panicked the other day on an airplane, then was hardly able to ride on the train to DC. i couldnt go on an underground train, just cause i knew i would have a major panic attack. often i find myself thinking about my disorder and it just freaks me out. i can feel the chemical imbalance in my brain and my muscles tigten. i honestly think im going to die from them sometimes. i found this website called where everything on the website applied to perfectly. fear of tight spaces, fear of being in crowds, fear of having a medical illness, and the worst and most predominant, dying prematurely. it's all i think about. all the time. my most common thought is "what if i just dropped dead right here right now." a 17 year old should not be having these thoughts at all! it's in my genes though. my mom as well as my grandma both have anxiety, so i guess i got it from them. ive been to a few therapists one who didnt help much and the other who reccomends cognitive behavior therapy as well as medication. im going in for a 2nd opinion on jan. 17th. i hope people read this and comment just i know im heard and i hope im not alone out there in the anxiety world. thanks for whoever read this, your attention and support really mean alot.

  1. Push 9 years ago

    you\'ve been heard! 🙂

    More importantly, i know how you feel because i\'ve been through these same things.

    Your not alone! If you ever need to talk here 🙂
    and just know. Your ok, and this panic and anxiety wont hurt you, its just a feeling thats all 🙂

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  2. Hermitagenurse 9 years ago

    You\'re not alone! I know what you are going through. I always have an ear open if you need a friend.

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