HHHmmm , the first day went well ! My professor has a very strong Eastern European accent ,very intelligent and has so many great theories' about learning Algebra and I don't think it was me feeling paranoid but she kept using me as the example . I believe it was because like in High School when I had a choice of seats , I was the one to find the very last row and managed the corner seat by the window. However I realize to get all I can from her and this class I must sit in the front row , as she says that is where all her "A" students sit .

I had to pay eighty five dollars for a new book and this is why ; MyMathLab access codes are required for this course and must be purchased new and get this , cannot be resold . However the book has been customized to minimize costs to the students . But it is all good because I look at it as my Life's investment .

I have nine pages of homework on the first day , but from what I learned in class it was just a refresher . I remember most of the easy things but that's where it ends and I have to begin to really put everything into this class .

From what I feel my Professor has a passion for her students to learn no matter what it takes , we can even E-mail her for help if we have a problem . How great is that ?

Well Tribers have a GREAT NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

LI LI \"\"


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