I feel a need to apologize to you….


I'm sorry I haven't been here on the Tribe for well over 6 months or so and as I looked thru the cooking group I created, I realize I hadn't really been in there for even longer than that! Shame on me! 🙁

I guess when I moved to FL and moved in with Nancy (M'Lady), I got a little side-tracked…actually, I think it was more the fact that I got…a life again! lol She and I had soo much fun together…we were like 2 high school girls at a slumber party! Laying on her bed at night, with our heads toward the foot of the bed, watching TV and talking and giggling all the time! You should have seen us in the hot tub drinking wine and hooping and hollering at the moon! LOL 

She was something else, that's for sure. ~smiles~

Anyway…I just wanted to apologize that it took me so long to come back to the tribe and to my groups…I truly missed everyone here.

I did try to come back right after Nancy's passing…and did to post the loss of her….but I couldn't stay…I tried…it just made me very sad…I missed her sooo much. I can hear her now…fussing at me for being so silly…"Ruth, now you just stop it girl…get back up on the horse and ride!! "  …I can just hear her! LOL

So..anywho…..I'm back and I think I'll stick around for awhile, if that's okay with you?

I had almost forgotten what this site had done for me…moving to Fl and getting a life again, should NOT have made me forget that…it should NOT have made me forget that there are people out there that are just like I was when I came here over 5 years ago. {almost 6 years with my first profile…they deleted my first one for posting my own site (another HIV social site) on my page…ooops…I didn't mean to break the rules! Truly.}

When I found this site, I was so very lost and it connected me with so many wonderful people…people that gave me the strength and the courage that I needed to face this disease head on and start taking care of myself oh soooo much better than I had before.

They made me open my eyes and see that I could still live a normal healthy life. They made me see that nothing had changed but the content of my blood. That I was still the exact same person I had always been.

I thank you for that…all of you….the ones I knew from the beginning and even my newer friends…all of you…because you ALL continue to help me grow everyday.

I hope that I can do for even just one person what you all have done for me.

Thank you! I love you!

Ruth ~smiles~

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    TheTruth1997 11 years ago

    I always could count on you XK to set things right… ~smiles~

    I just love it when you post a comment…I always have!

    I didn't mean it the way it must have come across…I always had a life…I meant that I just got wrapped up in life more than I should have….in my opinion anyway. Because I feel I should have been giving back what I had been given. That's what I meant to say!

    Ruth ~smiles~

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