Well since 2015 is well on the way I've no complaints. 🙂

The first week of school flew by without a blip. Oh my word is there ever so much homework. LOL. Anyhow! My doctor switched me from Stribild over to a new regimen since the insurance company didn't want to continue to pay for it. (Go figure) The new regimen is Tivicay and Truvada. Should be interesting. From what the nurse told me there should be no worries in switching over so I get to finish out the Stribild and start on the Tivikay/Truvada combo. Sighs. Was happy with a once a day, but hey, as it is said that's just how things are.

On a happy note at school we are doing some pretty interesting stuff. In Photographic Studio II we are already designing our first shoots. I'm going to shoot the old public bathhouse and combine it with large chess pieces and Gnomes. Should be loads of fun.

In Business Practices II we are studying business plans, etc. And in Photographic Portfolio Development I, we are putting together mock portfolios (I'm aiming for Irving Penn/ Tillman Crane -Platinum/Palladium Printing) to start. I think we will be making books as well so I'm going to bind mine after the coptic fashion and use Italian Black Leather for the cover, white oak for the front and back panel stabilizers, and goat parchment for the interior panel covers. Just an idea, but I figure I might as well make a go at it. 🙂 Always wanted to try my hand at it. 🙂 🙂

Other than that, it is time to turn in for the night. I'll do my best to keep everyone current with school and I do promise to post photographs. 🙂 In fact. I have uploadedone of my pieces from a series I did for my last portfolio which had a Homage Theme into my gallery here on this site. it is titled:"Homage to Bougeureau's Vierge Consolatrice" I do hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

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    livelyintellectual 8 years ago

    Hi there, I wanted to comment on your blog but couldn't as I was not your friend, so there goes my friend request. Glad all is well for you. You always seem so positive and happy. Stay this way. Take care and good luck in your projects.

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