Hi. This is only a update on my situation. Since I joined this site, I’ve been jumped many times, and been in 2 rumbles. If you don’t know what being Jump or being in a rumble means then look down.

Being Jumped: To attack (someone), usually unexpectedly

Rumble: a fight between rival gangs of adolescents. type of: combat, fight, fighting, scrap. the act of fighting.

So at the last Rumble I was in, there wasn’t a lot of people in my group, so we were outnumbered.

We were fighting and that and it was suppose to be NO weapons but someone had to bring one. I brought my switch blade just in case that happened. So I was dodging this guy that had a blade and then all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind and held a blade to my throat, everyone stopped and looked at me and the other person. For the first time in my life, I didn’t want to die at that moment. My big brother saw me and I saw fear in his eye’s that I couldn’t forget. Everyone stayed froze as I struggled against the blade then Chaos.

Everyone of my group started pulling out their blades and crashed into the other group. The guy holding me dragged the knife down my face. I screamed and I could feel myself slipping away and losing my grip.

I didn’t want to die, that was all that was going though my mind. Then something in the distance sounded like police sirens going off. Everyone ran to their cars and my group stayed their gathering up their stuff, one of them grabbed me and put me in their car and drove me to their house.

It was really tiring and I didn’t go back home for 2 days and it was actually amazing, I stayed asleep for the most part. When I got home, my parents didn’t really care at all. They yelled at my for where I’ve been and I yelled back at them to leave me alone and they did exactly that. They’ve been ignoring me like I didn’t exist.

I feel like running away or maybe killing myself. I have a temporary solution but that includes Drinking, smoking, vaping, and doing drugs. That might kill me first.

  1. afternoonn 11 months ago

    I’ve been in a situation like this before mayb try finding the nearest youth shelter as well to try and get a case filled against these people

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    • Author
      leo-3 11 months ago

      The thing is, it might backfire on me cause am part of a group that are like hoods, and the other people are rich and their parents spoil them. So I can’t really file something against them and I need to protect my group/Pack.

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