i\'d really like to know what the hell my "best freind\'s" problem is. every since i started comimg to cali around a year ago or so, he wouldnt take my calls when i would be over here, and every since i moved from ohio…not one time has the bastard answered my calls. DANNY(he\'s not on this site or the internet for that matter), he likes to keep a low profile, so thats the only reason i mention the dipshits name. but anyway…DANNY…does your stupid ass fail to see that we have been best friends for atleast 11 years?!?!?!? WTF is your problem dude? (lol, i know this dosent help, as he\'ll never read it, but it might help me release some stress.

we were f**king inseperable. that dumbass and myself got along like no other. he is the one person, who my anxiety and depression usually didnt show around. and he had a ton of friends. but we hung out all the time! we were kind of smart asses but in a fun way lol. as pissed off at the sh*thead i am, i actually miss hanging out with him. when we hungout…the rules didnt apply to us. in his own weird way…he was faithful…he didnt CHANGE. he may have been a pr*ck sometimes, but so was i. but ultimately, we were as good of friends as there  can be. i don\'t mean the kind of friends that you call your bestfriend and maybe see once a month or somthing. and its been that way from the start. i\'m talking about the kind of friend that you hang out with all the time. to me, that is what a BEST FRIEND IS!

but i\'ve pretty much written him off. i mean hell, i havent even talked to him for over 6 months since i moved here. he may have been irritated that i moved so far away, but still, thats what phones are for and we would talk forever(like fuc*king school girls).

i miss that stupid sh*t :(.

speaking of friends…WHERE ARE YOU OTHER FRIEND??? I REALLY HOPE THINGS ARE OK. AND THATS ALL THAT\'S ALL I LL SAY. YOU ARE MISSED, and no matter what\'s going on, things will workout. they somehow do for people like us. i just need to know you\'re ok! and i\'m sure you are:)

but i need my old freinds right now. 2 of my best friends died, and the other best friend is, well, DANNY! i was there for you man when your women was giving you a hard time, i was there when you just got out of your body cast from the wreck and had plastic surgery on your face and looked like someone else. you wanted to kill yourself on the bridge…and who talked you out of it!?!?!??!?!?! i need you for once as*munch….where are you? and whats your problem?

sorry guys…i just needed to get that out. he really will never read this, he dosent even know have a computer, and i cant possibly imagine him getting online. it\'s just a time when i need freinds, and good freinds are so hard to find. and i mean GOOD FRIENDS, even if they are sh*t heads…..i\'m lonely and scared about many things. one being two paragraphs above this one!

but i hope everyone is well,  take care



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