I know we’re all busy and I TRULY appreciate you giving me your time.

I’m in recovery from a disease that ruled my life and interrupted my journey for too long: the disease of addiction. I’m doing exceedingly well; I feel serene, practice conscious gratitude and humility daily, have developed skills/knowledge that assist me and I’ve developed an incredible and guided relationship with God.

The only issue I’ve been struggling with is employment but not for lack of effort. I’ve been combating this ordeal with guidance from my Certified Recovery Specialist and my counselor. I’ve been searching extensively with no results. I’ve reached out to countless organizations and services attempting to attain funds to get a bus pass. Walking consumes most of my hours daily: I walk to my local career link twice a week(2 hour walk each way), use internet art the library and walk all over searching. I even tried making a gofundme account with a goal of only $200(for a bus pass and some second hand clothing), and didn’t get one single donation.

The only family I have left is my sister. She’s amazing. She has special needs and is on disability. She doesn’t completely understand the disease of addiction; it just doesn’t make sense to her. Nonetheless, she offers encouragement, love and an immense amount of emotional support. I’m so grateful that i have her and that she has me. I also have a couple great friends who allow me to stay with them; they also offer so much encouragement. It’s nice to know all these people have faith in me.

I don’t need an extravagant amount of money, just a little help and its very frustrating that i can’t find services for addicts. There’s a certain stigma applied to addicts and it sucks.I’m simply asking for prayers from you all. I believe in the power of prayer. Moreover, I trust Karma. I know that as long as I follow this spiritual path, continue to be receptive and share empathy&love with every person I come in contact with that good will come to me. Until and after I complete my goals I’ll always practice acceptance and patience. I’ll continue to combat fear head on and I’m gong to fight this disease like hell.

If anyone knows of anywhere that I could contact for help with these issues, please let new know.

  1. Have a good day everyone&God Bless!!

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