Well, I went out on my date tonight.  The guy was very nice and sweet.  But that was all.  No chemistry.  Nothing to connect on.  I enjoyed talking to him – but as a friend, nothing more.  Why is it that the really nice, safe guys are usually not very attractive or have that special something that grabs my attention?  Part of the problem is that he's 25 but looks about 18.  He is also very shy and inexperienced with women.  The only relationship he managed to tell me about when I asked him was a long distance one a few years back.  I honestly don't know what I would do with him.  I felt kind of like his older sister or something.  I feel bad because now I have to tell him no when he asks for a second date.  He was already telling me how the last girl he went out on a date with told him afterwards that she was not attracted to him and he couldn't understand why she would say that after she acted so nice and sweet with him.  Now I am going to do the same thing to him.  I'm sure I acted very happy with him too.  I didn't encourage anything but I didn't discourage it either. 

Then there's the issue of my now ex boyfriend.  I still want him back so bad.  I actually didn't miss him while I was out on my date tonight, and it was good to at least have someone new to talk to.  But I think I am spoiled now, after having my boyfriend.  It's going to be hard for me to find someone I like as well as him. 




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