I have a particularly annoying friend. They are a good friend and someone i like spending time with. But they can be such a drama queen. And they cause so much drama and unrest. They constantly argue with me and argue over the smallest of things which dont have to cause an arguement. Sometimes i feel like i have to dig my heels in to make a point to try and get them to see my point of view to even consider it

its soooo annoying, and they are clearly intimidated by me and what i am capable of doing and feel that their position where we volunteer is threatened. And they keep saying one thing and do the other – like they are a higher rank than me, but they dont always no best and are well quite frankley just plain wrong!!!! and they cant even see it!!! but if i try and challenge it they just say i want to sort this out and i dont want to pull the rank or my unit position on you but i AM higher than you and you have to listen to me. which is complete bull, because they have been there for 10 years and i have only been there for a few months, and I already know more than them and the correct way of doing things. It is so annoying, they want my help but cant be bothered to share the credit and try and blame problems on me when they get things wrong. Furthermore, they act like such babies and have caused so many problems, and acted in a way that is unbecoming of their position!!!

I am just fed up of the bull, and i am wondering if i should have bothered to volunteer and help out as much as I should have. I feel like i have been walked all over and not even thanked. I dont want to throw my toys out of my pram, but i feel like every time i try and assert myself, i end up sounding like a soilt brat!!! and they have even said that i act like a spoilt brat if i dont get my own way without even recognising that they are just as bad and try and turn it round on me!!! what a ************ (enter any explicitve you like here) OOOOOO they are soooo annoying. but there we go. thats life.


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