Feeling: Confused.

I am a little confused about how I feel at the moment. I think this is because there are so many things going on in my life right now, its hard to know exactly how i feel. With work, things are getting better, I found out that I am not the only one that feels like the manager is being manipulative, and that most of the other girls there feels like that too. It was taken to the owner, and she said she would deal with it, so fingers crossed for things to improve. Then in the youth group, the guy who runs it, tried to butter me up and persuade me to do one of the jobs he would rather not do himself – it felt so good saying no to him. Then the fundraising i organised for them turned out to be a real flop, and the kids just didnt turn up even though they said they would come and that in turn let down the people we were helping out!!! it was soo annoying and made me look so incompetent! then with the bf things are a little weird, I am ok with him and can speak to him and tolerate him but I am really confused. Last month i wrote a few blogs about how we were having money problems because of my bf. he made a whole load of promises, to make things right. I didnt nag him, i didnt go on and i didnt say the things I normally say to him when we face these problems which make the situation worse. This time i was worried, really worried, and this time i just wanted to me work on it as a team. And I still want to solve this as a team, but I just got more bad news about money, something he could have prevented, something he promised would never happen again. So i asked him how we were going to sort this out. his answer – well we will just use the money you are earning from your new job. none of the things he should have been doing like moving his money into the right account on time!! he was expecting me to bail him out again. how many times should I bail him out. He has already finacially crippled me once, and I have only just had my first pay cheque!!! I mean does he think I am stupid!?!?!?! All i want is for him to be competent with money and look after me but he seems incapable of it!! I refuse to bail him out this time and I feel like a complete cow for not helping him out and for keeping the money to myself as we had planned to save for the future, like a wedding etc. I just dont know what to do. I just dont know what it is i feel. why does he keep making problems for me? Does he really care? Or is he just someone who can't manage money?


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