It’s just one of them days today, I am incredibly frustrated with being at home doing nothing. I don’t want to interact with ppl or can’t because I just feel I’ve nothing to fucking discuss I know myself that I am just frustrated with being in lockdown now it was cool to start but it’s been almost 8 weeks now, what’s worse is due to my job I am uncertain when I will be going back or even IF I will be going back. I am snapping at everyone and just generally irritated at what ? Well just everything being stuck at home, doing the same shit day in and day out, feeling like there is no change or worse the changes that are happening and my general way of life are now taken from my control, what my life was is now no longer. I knew all this at the start and even on a deeper level I get why these changes are happening ect but today…today I am simply fucking frustrated with it.  I want to consume my weight in food but I don’t actually know what it is I am craving I do know that I am fucking fed up being mom, wife, chef and maid ATM and today is one of them days where I would like to do my makeup put on something nice and eat out and possibly just enjoy a glass or two of wine to relax.  I perhaps should organise a delivery and get a bottle of wine for tomorrow 😉 it’s not the same but it is something to look forward to..


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