There has been this lingering issue at my house ever since I moved here with my friends. The thing is, my roommates are fully aware of my OCD and panic attacks and in all other respects have been understanding.

 Except for the gate.

In our backyard we have one of those tall wooden fence thingys surrounding the backyard, and in the middle is a gate that leads to where everybody parks.

I have a thing about noises. Ohio has proved to be quite a windy area and because my room is directly above the backyard, if somebody doesn't latch the gate I get woken up with a constant "whoop" noise… which is the gate just… flapping in the wind.

I hate it. It actually sets off a panic attack every morning. Think in the movie Evil Dead where the kids show up at the spooky house and the swing on the porch is ramming into the side of the house? That is the feeling I get from this gate being open.

 I have spoken to both my roommates and they keep saying they understand, but they NEVER do it. First one of them whined and said she couldn't latch it from the outside, then I showed her it could, and she still was very stubborn about it. I  My other roommate, Dan, always made sure it was latched UNTIL he noticed that the first roommate (Rachel, btw) had come around and finally made a point of doing it.

It is a LATCH people. As far as OCD demands go this is a very easy thing you can do to help ensure that I don't have a panic attack. If I had my meds, i probably wouldn't even notice the gate. But as I don't, due to the recent move, worries about employment, making new friends, etc etc… panic attacks are becoming very common. WHY wouldn't somebody just do this tiny little thing for me that saves me from that doomed feeling? *I* would do it for anyone else!

Ugh. Okay. Rant over… for now. 

  1. buffster 14 years ago

    u know..basic inconsideration is such an unfortunate common thread in our society that its almost considered a "non issue" now..just for bonding purposes am residing in a private apartment building & have a young woman neighbor who refuses to close the front storm door to the building..which would normally not be a big thing right ??..except when the winds up as well here and it is smacking against the house & making the devil's own noise *as well as damaging it and the houseframe*..told landlords *as she's a scared lil' excuse of a mouse & would never open her door for me because I'm "weird" i.e. OCD* but from all indications they say nothing to her *very political grr*..anyhow its not identical to ur situation but its similar enuf to feel ur pain so to speak..just keep hounding them

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  2. buffster 14 years ago

    p.s. just a thought..bribe 'em with alcohol ha..its the great equalizer

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