I've been neglecting this board lately. Please forgive me. I've been very busy!

The weater is finally getting nice although there is still a little snow on the ground. The last few days have been sunny. It's expected to rain on Friday. My old job should be starting soon and I'm quite scared. I've been dreading it since I was laid off. It makes an unpleasant feeling in my stomach! I know that the company own says I can come back, but I think my old boss didn't like me much. I won't explain in detail how stressful and hurtful the last two months of summer were for me. Let's just say that girls are VERY big bullies. I didn't magically turn into a bitch my third year working there like they made me out to be. :/ Some of it had to do with my boyfriend being a 'manager' (although some of the girls don't respect him as one), so, the company owner says I can return to the other location. But my boss who kind of sided with the girls about me hasn't invited me back officially. And we're about to start soon, too. I'm so scared of him!

I know the owner seems good with me returning. So why do I care what my immature boss thinks when he thinks these things just to be friends with everyone? But I've been avoiding discussing returning and it's about time for it to start up again … I really need to discuss it as scared as I am. I need a job.

Also, we had planned a trip to Ottawa, my boyfriend got the right days off, and then, in our new car, we got into his first car accident! No one was hurt, but we now have to put a different coloured door on the new-used car we just bought! It's golden. I want to put a door on asap as my boyfriend has to work most days and I'm tired of leaving the window 'opened' every night in it. He wanted to paint it before putting it on. I don't think it's a big deal but my boyfriend isn't happy driving around with a gold door. We got it for $40 from a very nice guy. He made it so cheap compared to the others. ($100-150). We never made it to Ottaw and I dread seeing how much my boyfriend's insurance is now going to go up! (It was his fault, he thought it was a turning lane because there were 4 streets and normally it is, but in this city, it wasn't. He turned in front of a pick-up truck and thus, our car door was smashed right in!)

I've also decided that I need to act soon. Part of my caring regarding my work is the OCD. I need some medication to soothe the anxiety because the pain in my stomach is over bearing.


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