I think I am frustrated. I get frustrated when my OCD interferes or on days when my mind is working about as fast as sludge might be expected to flow.


I read directions or try to and they make no sense, I don't really understand but try to and so when I try to do whatever it is that plages me I grow depressed and hostile and angry.


I remember feeling that way when I was a kid living at home. But back then things like my OCD or my thoughts weren't allowed, not as far as the family was concerned.


the family just viewed me as strange when all i really wanted was to belong. I never even felt like I belonged in my family. I have wandered alone in my mind most of my life.


Then about 6 yrs ago I ended up, quite by accident at first, being prescribed Adderall.    I don't want to imagine my life without it now, it slows my mind down and eases my frustration so I can be functional again


What a relief it is.   But now its late and I can't take it again until tomorrow and I'm getting frustrated with some things I need to do because i don't know how or what to do, from simple things to big things, and I'm fighting frustration.  


I have problems iguring out how this forum works how to find things including what I get messages but when I log in to desn't go to the messages & I grow frustrated and I hate that.


So once again OCD wins, I must wait another day, there is no time to fight it as I am now so the best I can do is let it go and Hope to find out what it means tomorrow if I can

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  1. telknit23 9 years ago

    Interesting..I just tried to reply and the site malfunctioned.  Anyway, I'm no computer genius and definitely have my share of fuzzy brain, but I generally prefer to blame the site.  Can't be our fault, right?

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