My fiance is on permanent disability for ADD/Bipolar and this month SSI decided to take out a huge chunk of his money because he was apparently over issued cash forever ago when he was a minor and his mom was responsible for it. I couldn't be more frustrated. With school starting next week I've had to spend more cash then usual and this has definetly not helped. We have our car payment and car insurance that we have to frantically figure out how to get paid all while I'm trying to get everything ready to start classes. This wouldn't even be an issue if it wasn't for the fact that he had a job and got injured on the job [because of preexisting knee issues] and has not been working. It's taken so long for the MRI's and what not that things seem to be going sour with his new job,he's still waiting to get results and it's been a month and he was only 6 weeks into working for them when the injury occured. I want to say FUCK IT and just find my own job since I have waaaay more job experience than him and just do work and school at the same time. But on the other hand I want to give him the oppurtunity to have his input and help out around here. I'm just so sick of being so broke and am even more sick of waiting for him to get his shit together. He was supposed to call them as soon as he got the notice and didn't. He keeps complaining that he wants to find a less strenuous job [which I told him to do to begin with] and yet doesn't fill out any applications online. I just hate feeling helpless and broke and crappy. This has not been helping with my OCD but I feel like it's the least of my worries right at this moment. :{[


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