Hey! I’m doing another blog! Even tho no one will read it LMAO! But I’m gonna give you some things to do instead of self harm! These tips worked for me now im 4 days clean!

1.  Exercise- Hey you! Keep yourself healthy! I know your hurting but can you do it for me!

2.   Draw on yourself with washable red marker then take a shower and wash away your pain.- It may not work for everyone but it try it out!

3.   Draw or paint tattoos on your cutting space- For all you artist out there (Im an artist!) it will work!

4. Scribble on sheets of paper.- Just scribble! No talent needed!

7.  Be with other people.- If your busy with the people you love, you  wont feel the need to cut (Mosty in front of them)

10, Think about how “I DON’T WANT SCARS FOR SUMMER!!”- Imagine wearing pants or long sleeves in the SUMMER! And cant wear your bathing suit!

15.  Write a letter to someone but never send it.- Maybe to someone your mad at! Someone you love! Just vent!

16.   Snap a rubber band  (hair band) on your wrist.- Now this JUST works if it doesnt at first snap it hard! But not too hard! Because your body is bootyful!

17.   Cover yourself with band-aids\gauge or bandage wrap where you want to cut.- How can you cut? Its just a reminder so you dont!

18.   Let yourself cry, even if it is hard.

19.    Sleep,  only if you are tired.

20.   Do the exact opposite of what you really want to do.

21.  Play with a pet.

22.  Smile to at least 5 people.

23.  Listen to music (non-triggering)

24.  Watch a candle burn, but no playing with flames or hot wax.   Blow it out when you leave the room.

25.  Listen to music (non-triggering)

26.  Watch a candle burn, but no playing with flames or hot wax.   Blow it out when you leave the room.

27.  Pop bubble wrap.

28.  Play with play dough.

29.  Count to 100.

30.  Hug yourself.

31.  Write yourself an “I love myself because” letter and keep it.  Read it when you feel down.

32.  Call your therapist or make an appointment with one.

33.  Talk to someone close to you that you trust.

34.  Feed the ducks, birds, or squirrels.

45.  Draw on the walls-or paint with watercolors if you don’t want permanence.

46.  Buy cheap teddy bears and take your anger out on them

47.  Throw everything on the ground except glass.

48.  Go to a loud concert (Make sure it doesn’t trigger you)

49.  Think about your ideal life.  What do you have to do to get there?

50.  Plan your someday wedding day or upcoming prom.

51.  Hunt for stuff on Ebay or Amazon

52.  Alphabetize your books and magazines.

53.  Hunt for your perfect home in the paper or online.

135.  Take a walk in the woods and breathe the fresh air.

136.  Start a mood journal and write in it every day.  Do patterns surface?  Track your triggers.

137.  Buy yourself some toys and play like you are 5 years old again!

138.  Start to collect some thing.

139.  Take up kick-boxing.

140.  Read a magazine or newspaper.

141.  Sew something.

142.  Buy a stuffed animal.

143.  Take your own dog, or a friend’s dog for a walk.

144.  Call 1-800-DONT CUT

145.  Call 1-800-THERAPIST

146.  Read through this list again!

I really hope this worked! Please comment and Like If it did!

  1. millilovesjesus 2 years ago

    this will def help. thank u!!

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  2. Author
    angelinac2005 2 years ago

    No problem! Thanks for reading! I hope you get better!

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  3. marleyrita6204 2 years ago


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