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I. Got. The. Stupid. DRESS!!! I almost had the suit. I ALMOST HAD IT!!! I had it in my hand, I was almost to the check out counter, then my mother comes back in the store. She came back!!!! T.T

I was so not happy. There was the most awesomest suit ever. It was beautiful! It had pinstripes and the most awesome dress shirt and hat to go with it. But no. I had to get a dress that actually shows my real figure. It couldn’t make me look smaller in the chest area, it actually shows I am what I am. GAWD!! I hate that! All the girls at school complain to me that they’re jealous of me and my curves. If I could let them have ’em, I would. No doubt. But now I get to wear something that doesn’t cover me up… The only plus side to it is that it’s floor lenght, which means no one sees my legs. -.-

My boyfriend’s happy ’bout it (no surprise there) and he’s trying to make me feel better about wearing it. He always does when I feel bad, and I love that. ^_^ Never makes me feel better about wearing the God-forsaken thing, but I love that he can always attempt to cheer me up (it works 99% of the time. The 1% is the whole dress/skirt thing).

Maybe I’ll get pics up here soon so you guys can see… Depends if I wanna put on the thing before I actually need to. Don’t have high hopes. And thanks to those who read the last blog.

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  1. revealed65 13 years ago

    aww, oh well

    the hype of prom is really out of proportion. it wont be that bad, and i hope you can still rock the dress the same:)

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