Just wanna vent so I can stop ruminating on this… [br] [br] I consider all the trash cans in our house contaminated. I can't take the bag out, I can't touch the outside of the can, and once I drop something in there, I can't touch it. My BF hates taking out the garbage and doesn't want to waste bags, even tho we don't create that much trash. So he pushes the stuff down so we can fit more in there. Yuck. [br] [br] The problem with this is when it's full to the top and he hasn't taken it out yet, I have to try to drop things on without them falling on the floor. Things literally BOUNCE out of the @$%&ing thing! [br] [br]Sometimes I can get it by using a papertowel as a little shovel, but not always. And he hates it when I leave something on the floor – usually a kleenex or papertowel, but other things too. Food scraps don't usually do this bouncing, so it's not gross to him, just annoying. He gets crabby that I don't take out the trash too. So when this happens, I not only feel guilty, but I also know he's gonna be pissy about it. No abuse, just crabby. [br] [br] WHY can't we just buy a new garbage can?! It's like $10 bucks at Target! I could face the germ part of my contamination fears now, but my other contamination fears would mean hugging the trash can for a while, and that's gross…. ok so I could sorta face the germ part…. just not snuggling with a trashcan. [br] [br] I felt like my pen touched something tonight, so I tried dropping it in the trash, but it bounced out onto the floor between the can and the wall, so I can't get to it. UGH! I don't need the crabby guilt trip! I know it's MY problem that I'm ocd, but would it hurt to take the trash out more often? Then I wouldn't need to figure out the best spot to try and land something so it doesn't roll or bounce out! And he wouldn't have to worry about picking up after me.[br] [br] Please don't think our house is disgusting. It's not like that at all. He just waits till the garbage is higher than the rim of the can before taking it out each week. [br] [br] Now I feel guilty for being mad. I just am so frustrated cuz I can't do it yet. I try soooo hard to not be a problem and I wish I could help out more, but I can't yet.

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  1. nintendor0ck3t 10 years ago

    I say your BF is the one w/problems if he gets mad at you b/c of your OCD.

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