Some people just don’t get it!

  When your depresed your depressed. It’s different in everyone.How bad it is in everyone.            , and how you can cope.

  Some have little or no energy, or end up comatose.

    We have no concentration level, no matter how hard we try. It just isn’t there. We sleep around the clock, and get up and have anafternoon nap and can sleep some more.

  It’s a great chore to get food on the table and try to do the laundry or the housework.

    Our projects fall by the waysiide. waiting,.

     Our children and pets suffer because of our lack of energy.

      We tend to ry a lot, even though we try our hardest not to.

    We have toughts of self-harm and suicideal thoughts.

        We just can’t get up and start exersizing out of the blue or read a book(we can’t comprehend what we read) or just go for a walk at the spur of the monent.


                           Unless you’ve lived my llife

                          Don’t judge me because

                          You don’t know, never have

                          & never will know every

                          little thing & detail about me……

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  1. WadeAlexander72 13 years ago

    I”ve always said that unless a person has been depressed themselves, and I don”t mean just having the "blues" one day, but REAL depression – they don”t get what it”s like. They may get a general idea of it, but they don”t know what it feels like being the prisoner of your own mind who is a cruel and nasty piece of work that torments you endlessly.

    People think depression is just a case of the blues that can be easily cured by a walk in the sunshine or a small change of pace. If only it were that easy. If it was this site wouldn”t even exist and we”d all be happy little troopers.


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