Dear users of depressiontribe,

I am Polish lady living for many years in NJ.  I am secular Franciscan.  I would like to share my poem.

Excuse my English mistakes.

Peace & Goodness!  – Franciszkanka

"I have set before you life and death, blessing
and cursing: Therefore choose life."
Deuteronomy 30:19


Don’t  Kill  Yourself


When your life seems  black & lonely, don’t kill yourself.
When your dearest ones treat you like total loser, don’t kill yourself.
When your  heart is full of bitterness, don’t kill yourself.
When you lose the most precious possessions, don’t kill yourself.
When you have no more strength to fight for your human rights,
don’t kill yourself.

When your pain is unbearable, don’t kill yourself.

When you feel abandoned even by Heavens, don’t kill yourself.


I never forget this story.

It happened about 30 years ago in Poland.

One married lady was childless for many years.

So she became desperate and  just couldn’t take it anymore.

In her darkest moments she decided to end her miserable fate.

After her death doctors discovered that she had baby within her womb.

If she had just a little bit more hope and perseverance, she would save her life and life of baby, and she would experience the family bliss.


Nobody  knows  mystery of God’s Providence.


The suicidal death is the permanent solution to the temporary problems.

Besides, if you destroy your life, your dear ones may follow your path.

As long as you are alive, there is always a ray of hope for you.

Is anything too hard for  the ALMIGHTY GOD?


Just remember…

The suicidal death is the fruit of despair.

The despair is the conclusion of disbelief.

Follow the Ten Commandments.


Why kill yourself?

Choose a life!

Have a faith!



Anna Zielski, S.F.O.,  1/30/08



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