Keep my secrets inside
A better place to hide
Than on the floor or mirrors
Show you to all the creepers

Hide my face
Don’t make a move
At the end of grace
It’s just me and you

Come a little closer
But don’t taste my smile
You’re blurring all the borders
While I’m bloodying the tile

If you move
I’ll kill you
Your therapist, too
Leave no proof

It tells me you should die
Don’t know the reason why
I want to hold you close
Never ever let you go

Get away from her

I’m scared

Leave her alone

It got me
No happy ending
I’m lost in my dark
Ice-cold heart

Wish you could save me
But there’s no way in
Just want you, baby
Accused of all these sins

If I left my hand outside
Would you see it out your window?
If i promised I still loved you
Would you cry another day?

Come here
Come to me now
Who am I?
I’ve disappeared

I sink into the quietness
Nothing here but the silent kids
And a woman with an ax
I think I made her mad

She’s coming
She’s here
I don’t have long

Where are you?
We should be running
Let’s get out of here
Where have you gone?

i love you i love you i love you i–


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