For the past month to month & a half I've been bedridden with a re-occurance of endometriosis, scar tissue from previous endometriosis surgery and a hernia just above my right hip bone. Thought I should explain why I haven't' been here. It's not for lack of sobriety. I've actually had the easy way to sobriety – I have literally been bedridden and haven't been able to drive or leave the house. It's not all bad though having had time to read and reflect and also appreciate the comfort of home which is a major contrast to the streets. More than ever now I wouldn't want to go back. I think I've softened up enough that if I tried I'd run home crying anyway. Because of the pain I've been on Lortab which caused my outpatient counselor to put me on hold until I'm better. Fortunately pills have never been a drug of choice for me – I'm crack/cocaine girl and it's also no fun when it's necessary. With my tolerance to everything I didn't get a buzz but for about 3 days when I first started. The thing about outpatient is there were 4 people in my group that had severe addictions to exactly what I'm taking (and other pills). I would absolutely lose it if one of them came in every day on crack and said it was for medicinal purposes so I understand what my counselor was getting at. I'll miss those that graduate during my absence, but will be starting back as soon as I recover (2-3 weeks following surgery if everything goes as planned). So hi to everyone that's posted comments or wondered where I've been. The answer is “in bed”. I go in the 29th (Tues.) at 5am and am only expected to stay overnight and be released the next day. I'll be back in action soon and will be back here day 1!



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