Today, at work, I had a pretty beautiful experience. 

My husband and I were at my workplace, discussing what we were going to get my nephew for his first birthday. I had to stop our conversation to check out a customer, who purchased one of our discount cards. He left, and a little while later, he came back. My first thought was "Oh, no. He doesn\'t want to discount card, and there\'s going to be a big problem." I put on my brightest smile.

He walked up to me, and began with "Hello. I don\'t want to sound like a creeper…"

My next thought was that he was going to hit on me, until I noticed his wife standing next to him.

"But I overheard your conversation, and I heard you have a relative with a birthday coming up." 

I nodded. Is he a clown trying to book birthday parties? I wondered. 

"Well, if it\'s alright with you, we\'d like to buy him a present." 

I looked at him oddly.

His wife interjected, "We have an eighteen month old grandson that we don\'t get to see. We just want to help."

I told them that that would be okay, and their faces brightened. They asked how old he would be turning, and left to pick something out. 

A while later, they came back with a big plastic dump truck and blocks. I thanked them, and told them I hoped they got to see their grandson soon. 

"We get to see him some, but it\'s just not enough." the woman said.

The man then said, "I could tell that you were having a bad day, and I just wanted to make your day better." 

I smiled, and told them how thankful I was that there were people like them in the world.


This gives me hope.

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  1. peachiepeach90 11 years ago

    thats awesome.

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